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Hilo Farmer's Market
The Hawaiian Herb & Spice Co.

Started with a choice...
Penny Alonzo, a travel agent originally from the Big Island of Hawaii. Tip Davis, a documentary film cameraman producer from Oahu - retired.
...find a new lifestyle in rural Hawaii. The family grew with a daughter, Lokemele, arriving in 1987.

On a parcel of land overlooking the lush Hamakua Coastline the Hawaiian Herb & Spice Company now harvests a wide variety of herbs, specialty vegetables, exotic fruits and roots, all grown without pesticides or chemicals. The crops are sold to restaurants, hotels, brokers, and at the Hilo Farmer's Market.

From the stall at the Farmer's Market, a new relationship developed between loyal customers, fellow farmers and visitors. *Broke the Mouth, initially a take-out food eatery with a commercial kitchen, became the sandbox for this energy to build.

New recipes originated from a farmer's bumper crop or at other times an abundance of off grade produce... taro, sweet potato, ginger, banana, star fruit, mango, tomato, macadamia nuts, basil, lemon grass, sugar cane, green onion... locally grown ingredients combined and blended to create new, healthy, fresh local food.

Broke the Mouth produces a line of Sauces, Salad Dressings, Jams and Snacks.

Simple tropical style value added products produced with a lot of tender loving care from the source to you with Aloha.

* Broke the Mouth is pidgin English for "tastes reallllly gooood"

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"A new type of Hawaiian Food, created from products actually grown in the Islands. Broke the Mouth is on the cutting edge..."
John Heckathorn, Honolulu Magazine

"Best Overall in Taste & Healthiness"
The Great Hawaiian Plate Lunch Challenge, 1993

"... reinvented the plate lunch using local produce to create their ono(delicious) dressings & sauces..."
Hawai`i Foodservice News